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We Care

Autism Spectrum Disorder Department

The ASD Programme in The Hub can accommodate 18 students in its three classrooms named Base Class 1,2 and 3.

There are four Hub teachers and number of mainstream teachers (depending on the need) allocated in The Hub and six SNA’s that are dedicated to the Hub students.

In St. Paul’s Community College each student is valued for their individual worth, a clear focus on student’s social and emotional wellbeing is paramount.

We ensure that a student with additional needs is given every single opportunity to guarantee a successful and happy school life.

We believe our ASD Programme in The Hub will be an added gateway through which students can achieve their very best.

To prepare students for community life.

Ultimately, St. Paul’s Community College aims to proactively promote Autism Awareness/Understanding amongst all staff, students, parents and most importantly throughout the community of St Paul’s and the Waterford area.

Behaviour For Learning

The NCSE Behaviour for Learning Classroom


The NCSE (The National Council for Special Education) supports St. Paul’s Community College by providing an Interdisciplinary team. An additional Behaviour for Learning teacher is allocated to St. Paul’s providing a classroom enriched with programmes designed by NEPS, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and NCSE Research Advisors.


The continuum of support is intensive with individualised interventions provided for a small number of students with extra student mentoring supports provided at whole school level. The key Areas provided develop a wide range of knowledge, skills and attitudes. A focus is put on Behaviour for Learning Social & Emotional Literacy, Well-being Literacy, Numeracy, Language & Learning.

Therefore, students get to be involved in a wide range of group supports such as the ALERT, WHY TRY, PEOPLE SKILLS, MOVEMENT MATTERS and many literacy programmes such as CATCH-UP Literacy and VEP.

We are delighted to have such a successful addition to our school that benefits students and teachers.


Home School Liaison

Mr. Gerard Lohan is the Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator/teacher in St. Paul’s Community College. Mr. Lohan may be contacted in the school at any time and is part of the whole-school Care Team to support the parents of those students who are attending our school.

The Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Scheme has been operating in St. Paul’s Community College since 1992 and was designed to be a preventative structure in promoting full attendance by students to Leaving Certificate or equivalent level. It provides a framework for co-operation between home, school and the community. The HSCL teacher facilitates parental involvement in their child’s education while they attend St. Paul’s through work in a variety of key areas. These include Home Visitation, involvement in Local Committee and Cluster Meetings, involvement in Policy Formation and the development of literacy and numeracy initiatives such as the Science for Fun programme, Maths for Fun programme, One Book project and Maths Trail project, etc. The HSCL teacher also offers courses and classes to parents to help them in their personal development and so that they are able to help and encourage their child to learn and participate fully in school. An important aspect of the work of the HSCL is the networking and integration with local statutory and voluntary agencies, especially those that impinge directly on the families with children attending St. Paul’s. The HSCL Scheme integrates and liaises with other existing structures of parental support and contact in the school including close liaison with management, staff and key care personnel. The school has always had a welcoming policy around parental involvement and this is further demonstrated through high attendance rates at P-T meetings, Awards night and other meetings organised to inform and support parents.

School of Sanctuary

SoS-logo-LAS-1 (1).png

St. Paul's Community College is a Member. School of
Sanctuary. This means we strive to make our school as safe, welcoming and inclusive
as possible for all students and their families.
By adopting the three Sanctuary Principles, LEARN/ACTION/ SHARE, we are
becoming an ever more inclusive and empathetic place of intercultural learning and
practice. We are learning to understand and respond to the challenges and needs of
those who seek sanctuary in our school, our community, in Ireland and in the wider
world. We celebrate and welcome diversity in all its wonderful forms and colours and we
are proud to act as a beacon of sanctuary and kindness in our community.

For more information, you can visit

School Chaplain

Ms. Loraine Whelan is Chaplain of St. Paul’s Community College. The Chaplain has the privilege of walking part of life’s journey with each student. She responds to the spiritual and religious needs of the students and the whole school community, while respecting the religious and personal convictions of all, and always striving to highlight the rich diversity present in our community.

The Chaplain contributes to formal school occasions, such as Parent/Teacher meetings and school Prayer Services. The organisation of guest speakers and charity fundraising work are an integral aspect of the role.

One of a School Chaplain's key duties is to provide pastoral care. We all need non-judgmental, understanding support now and then: someone to listen actively and offer comfort, someone to provide assurance and encouragement that help is available. This role can involve counselling students suffering from emotional trauma, offering advice to pupils facing difficult decisions, leading groups that deal with issues such as bereavement or co-ordinating peer mentoring services. The Chaplain provides an open door where students, as well as other members of the school community, can receive support in a safe and confidential manner, within Child Protection Guidelines. She listens to what is being said and to what the person may be struggling to say.

Supporting the school community may also mean referring individuals to outside support agencies, such as mental health, addiction, or medical professionals, where necessary.

The Chaplain plays an active role in the life of the school, with the goal that every student will feel safe, happy, and comfortable in our school. To this end, she is on the School of Sanctuary Committee and the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark Committee, because our school must be a safe, positive, caring community for everyone.

If you would like to make an appointment to see the Chaplain, please phone the school office.

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