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In St. Paul's Community College we have a fantastic team that work together to promote Science Technology Engineering and Maths or STEM. In our new science labs we have new equipment that has transformed how we can teach science to students. This has also allowed students to pursue their own interests in science with extra curricular activities such as Space Week, Science Week or the BT Young Scientist, to name a few. We have recently had successful entrants on behalf of the school. These students got the opportunity to work with the WIT for their research and developed wonderful relationships for future endeavours. Our school has a very active Science department where every Junior Cycle student get to experience the sciences. Key sections taught in the subjects are laboratory safety and skills, an awareness of the environment local and globally, biological, chemical and physical worlds. We are actively involved in the National weeks of Science, Engineering, Space and Mathematics where cross-curricular activities and competitions are undertaken. Experiences and enjoyment gained are evident in the uptake of senior cycle science subjects. A wide variety of speakers, demonstrations and excursions are included in the learning within the school

Our technology department and engineering work closely together to develop students IT literacy through the use of coding and digital media studies. Students can then make practical use of these skills with Micro-Bits to create any number of projects such as live score boards, robotic arms or so much more. These skills are enhanced by our keen involvement in Engineering Week which sees many activities in our school and in WIT.
Finally, our maths department does wonderful work promoting the subject and applying practical examples of maths in everyday life. Extra curricular opportunities are also afforded to students like the Maths Olympiad that was successfully undertaken by a number of First Year students last year.

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