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Student Council

Student Council

The contribution which students have to make in the daily life of the school is reflected in the work of our vibrant Student Council. The Student Council is consulted by the Principal on a range of matters and has a key role to play in the development of school policies. The Student Council enhances the school and promotes respect throughout the school community.

The role of the Student Council in St. Paul's Community College is very important. The Student Council supports the smooth running of the school by helping to highlight issues of importance for the student body so that they can be resolved, by representing the students and also by supporting various initiatives and events that the school is participating in. The Student Council must present themselves as role models to their peers by participating in a proficient and professional way.

Roles of responsibility:

Layla French -Chairperson (Lead representative)

Karim Rahim Mbamba -Secretary

Members 2022/23

1st Year Reps:
Killian O'Reilly
Aaron Cleary
Sophie White Langford
Mikayla Arikhan
Harvey Crowley
2nd Year Reps:
Emily Cushen
Grace Laffan
Jay Halligan
Evan Walsh
Aleisha Marshall
Georgina Manganye
Myron Biedarov
3rd Year Reps:
Emily O'Reilly
Lisa Mabuza
Kasparas Norkus
Jack Dixon
Carla O' Reilly
4th Year Reps:
Brandon Clifford
Ben Leahy
Juwon Ajayi
Jeff McCabe
5th Year Reps:
Karim Rahim Mbamba
Adam Butler
Danny Burke
Valeriia Vareninova
6th Year Reps:
Stephen Collins O'Keeffe
Sean Hurley
Kabelo Abiola Ajayi
Jodie Roberts
Layla French
Paddy Browne's Rd, Lisduggan, Waterford, Ireland
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