Space Week Celebrations

St Paul’s Community College Celebrate Space Week 2017 


Space Week was celebrated last Friday afternoon in St. Paul’s Community College. All our First Year students enjoyed a space presentation from Mr Lohan in our school library which was organised by the Science Department in the school. Junior Minister Mr John Halligan attended the event and was welcomed by Ms Reilly, school Principal, with a Guard of Honour provided by our Students Council. Ms Reilly acknowledged Minister Halligan’s love of space and science and praised all he was doing to promote science in Ireland. She also praised the fantastic commitment of the science teachers Ms Hennessy, Ms Kelly, Ms Brennan and Mr Dwyer and librarian Hilary Cantwell who all put a lot of organisation into the day. She praised Mr Lohan whose presentation resulted from his visit to the NASA Space and Rocket Centre in Alabama USA after he had won a science teacher scholarship there. Minister Halligan gave an absorbing talk and answer session on space to our first years and mentioned that an Irish astronaut is nearly finished her training to become the first Irish person in space. He will also be attending a launch of the Arianne Space Rocket at the European Space Centre next month. Following the presentation by Mr Lohan, the Minister visited our newly refurbished state of the art science labs where the rockets were being “prepared” by the students. He then attended the “launch” by the students of the rockets which they had designed and prepared themselves in the labs. Students made rockets of various designs and competed with each other to see whose rocket would go the highest. Ms Reilly praised the conduct and commitment of our students on the day and acknowledged the help of the SNA’s. They really enjoyed the day and such was the interest that we are sure one of them may become the second Irish astronaut into space one day.

Below are some photos taken on the day.

IMG_4103 IMG_4104 IMG_2308 IMG_4102 IMG_2304 IMG_2307 IMG_2301 IMG_2296