Science Week

This is Science Week and our students have been busy attending events. Here are some they’ve attended this week:


Today a selection of Senior Physics and Maths students from 5th and 6th year will attend a talk in WIT accompanied by Mr Ryan.

They will leave school at 11.15 and return at 1.15.


A selection of 2nd years will attend a talk in WIT from 9.40 and return for classes at 11.15.


The reptile zoo will be in the school. First year students will attend in their class groups.

Also 40 TY students will attend the Chemical Magic

Show in WIT from 11.55 and return to class at 1.15.


A selection of 3rd years will attend WIT from 12.30 and return to classes at 1.55.

Senior physics and science PLC students will attend a talk Friday afternoon.

there will be a science expo in the library Friday afternoon for first and second years