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Coimicí Gael

Aidan visited us today Friday March 7th to launch our Celebration of Seachtain na Gaeilge check it out we’re writing stories as GAEILGE!

Is leatsa í, Úsáid í!


Film Club

Friday February 28, 2014
Congratulations to Film Club whose film Nightmare on Paddy Browne’s Road was screened at the Reel it In Film Festival in Youghal on Friday February 28th. It was one of five films picked out of 100 entries submitted from around the country as part of the First Cut: Youth Program. Check it out on our website


Friday February 14, 2014
Sometimes the books we read in school are the books that with us. What may have started off as part of the curriculum becomes very familiar to us as we have forensically dissected all its parts, spent class hours writing about themes, settings and characters. So we were very excited when
Dermot Bolger, author came to visit. His book New town Soul is currently on the Leaving Certificate curriculum. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to ask Dermot about the book and what influenced his to write this supernatural thriller.


Colm Keegan poet visited us and gave a workshop on poetry. It was Colm’s first visit to St. Pauls. He met with two groups. Some of the poems we wrote were sad, some funny but it was an enjoyable two days we hope to publish the poems along with other creative writing projects later in the year.


Garry McCarthy – GMC Beats facilitated a writing/performing workshop.We produced two raps.
We worked hard at rhyming using dictionaries and iPads,figured out rhythms and how best to deliver the message of our raps which was about BEING YOURSELF, DOING YOUR BEST. Garry also helped us with the performance and about using our voices effectively to convey our message and to entertain. We performed our work for Year 1 and 2.


Niall De Burca visited to cheer us up in January, he told some stories, but also was a guest teacher in Year 1 – helping us with our class novel Into the Grey by Celine Keirnan. For more information on and to see what first years check out the book trailer


To celebrate Chinese New Year St. Pauls Students participated in a Culture and Calligraphy workshop given by Ms. Allie Heying, lecturer in Chinese at Waterford Institute of Technology. The Chinese New Year festival is considered to be the most important 15 days of the year, and sets the pace for the upcoming year’s prosperity and fortune. Any and all measures are taken to increase the odds that as much good fortune as possible will be received during the celebration. We made banners with the character Fu – 福 on them which means fortune or luck. What is really interesting about this character Fu is that it is play on words. In Chinese, saying Fu dao le means “luck or fortune has arrived”. But the word “dao” can also imply to fall down or turn upside-down. So, literally turning the character 福, fu, upside-down is a play on words implying fortune has arrived!


WHO KNEW? FRECKLE, HELL, CAKE, SCARE are all Viking words.
In 2014 Waterford will be 1,100 years old and is the oldest Viking City in Ireland. It was founded in 914 AD. As part of this celebration we are participating in Viking Voices a Creative Arts Programme for Music, Poetry and Heritage. It is a collaboration between our 1st and Transition Year students. We had our first session today!
Kay Browne from Fádo Productions presented a brief history of Viking Waterford. Poet, Mark Roper talked about writing poetry and gave us lots of hints on how to start this project. Mark will be back to help us with the writing process and Eric Sweeney will be coming to help us compose music to accompany our writing.

Our Favourite Storyteller Niall de Burca Returns

de burca returns-001
The School Year got off to a great start with a visit today from our favourite storyteller Niall de Burca. Niall a regular visitor to St Paul’s, is a firm favourite with the students. His story telling sessions are always full of fun and laughter and today was no exception. Our 80 new first year students were treated to a wonderful morning of entertainment and education, while St Paul’s Boys National School had the pleasure of his company for the afternoon! Niall was exciting, funny and frightening and used great facial expressions and body movements to captivate his audience.



Here in Waterford – when the weather is too hot we complain, too cold we complain. But today for our mystery guest the weather was perfect. Niall De Burca, storyteller extraordinaire visited us and managed to chase the grey clouds away with his funny, mad, scary and true stories. Well for a little while anyway! Thanks Niall – for more information on Niall check out Niall’s Cds in the library. Don’t forget to check him out @
Huge thanks to everyone that helped make our first Dojo such a success. Lots to learn but the groundwork has been laid! Thanks again to everyone who turned up, we hope to officially launch St Paul’s CC Library Dojo in September. ‘Til then- KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON CODING!

Day 3 down, here’s what Wannabe Coder Ryan has to say for himself….

furelise resize Day 3 of Coder Dojo – “We’re all really getting into Coder Dojo, I had no idea of what it was all about on Monday but as time went on I got the hang of it.Today we were working on putting music to our
animations. I have to say my Junior Cert music exam is still in my head going into one ear round and round and out the other – so my sprite will be performing to Beethoven’s Für Elise. Got that out of my system – sprite seems to enjoy moving to Little Mix – Wings a bit better. I got my Little Mix sprite to
go to the rhythm and beat of the music and it kept up with the tempo too! Tomorrow we’re going to create a pong game – 21st Century”

CDDAy2c resize 3Coderdojo Camp
Another great day at CoderDojo Camp! Delighted to see more new faces this morning. Deadly creations from everybody, amazing what you can do when you start from SCRATCH!!!

Click on link below for modules and solutions

Coder Dojo -Day 1-001
Coderdojo Camp
The first JCSP Library Coder Dojo session kicked off epically today with a tutorial on Motion and Broadcasting. For those of you who don’t know, Coderdojo is an Irish venture, which was founded by James Whelton and Bill Liao. It is a global operation, helping students across the world learn how to code.
Coderdojo is fun and I believe it will have a massively positive effect on our future.It could well support the future of our IT Industry. Right now, there is a shortage of developers. The fact is, we will need more people to work in this area, especially if Ireland really is going to continue as a Digital Hub of Europe.
If you are inspired, and what to get involved, drop into the library any morning this week.

Check this out!

Four Irish students have put together this video which documents the wonderful establishment which is;


Group2 resize
End Of Year Celebration
Homework Club has really grown this term, towards the end would have had some 20 – 30
regulars across the week. Congratulations to all these students who show real interest in their studies and in doing their absolute best.
On Wednesday we held the end of year Homework Club celebration. Ice cream, Games and a cake made by the students themselves to thank Hilary were the order of the day!
chess2 (1) resizeChess Challenge
6th Class pupils from St Paul’s NS took on members of St Paul’s CC Chess Club in a recent Chess Challenge. The morning ended in Check Mate for the older players, Well done to all who took part!

Waterford Festival Of Learning @ JCSP library St Paul’s

On Thursday 21st March, the JCSP Library at St Paul’s Community College Waterford hosted a “Screening of Short Films “produced by members of our school film club and Gary Kenneally Films. The public screening was held as part of Waterford festival of Learning and was presented by 3rd year student Taylor Coady, who features in all but one of the productions!!!
The film club has produced several short films includng “Nightmare on Brown’s Road” starring JCSP librarian Ms Hilary Cantwell!!

Free Running Demonstration

Jim, Dylan and Shane from Parkour Ireland gave an informational session and series of demonstrations to our students as part of the JCSP Library lunchtime program. The lads were organised, professional and ensured safety was the number one priority. They led a fun class, teaching the fundamentals of the discipline, before showing off their moves -vaults, wall spins, dive rolls, front flips… the students were HIGHLY engaged! Thanks lads

Caith Amach É

Mar chuid d’imeachtaí Seachtain na Gaeilge chuir Niall agus Sean ó High Rock Production seó agus ceardlann i láthair i leabharlann na scoile. Bhí an Seó thar barr, thaitin sé go mór leis na daltaí, ní raibh siad ag iarraidh filleadh ar na ranganna. Seó idirghníomhach, greannmhar, taitneamhach, is ea é. Mholfainn do dhuine ar bith é a chuir ar fáil sa scoil. Fair play agus caithfidh sibh teacht ar ais!
caith e

Drama Through Workshop

RTE’s FAIR CITY Character Damien (Maclean Burke) visited our school last week to work with our students introducing many to drama through workshop. Maclean was invited by the JCSP Schools Library initiative and he said he really enjoyed his visit and meeting many of our students.
Mac CLean small

Xin nián hao!!

Chinese New Year celebrations got underway in St Paul’s on Friday, 8th February with a full programme of events and Chinese cultural activities planned for the afternoon in celebration of the start of the Year of the Snake.
The session was a wonderful mixture of Chinese cooking, arts and crafts, zodiac, chopsticks, sport, basic language teaching and so much more.
Chinese New yearresize

CSPE in Action

3rd years get busy researching every aspect of the European Union as part of their Junior Cert CSPE project work.


To Mark the 10th Anniversary of our JCSP School Library, first year students dodged school and hit the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre to enjoy the smash hit musical Oliver. It was a truly amazing performance which left them wanting more!!
Group Oliver

Learn2Learn at JCSP library

This week Leaving Cert and Junior Cert students participated in a study skills programme which demonstrated how to use time wisely when studying. Students were shown some cool memory tricks and how to develop mind maps. Students need to develop effective study habits and strategies in order to gain greater confidence and motivation in being able to learn and succeed.

Musical Performance at JCSP Library

From the heart of Europe’s musical tradition, Vladimir Jablokov presented a concert in a way that was both entertaining and informative. Performing in a style that was energetic and uplifting he drew from traditional favourites such as Vivaldi, Mozart and Strauss as well as gypsy jazz and European folk music. Between performances, Vladimir took time to lead the school choir in practising for the christmas carol service.
Vladimir in Action

Creative Writing Workshop

Renowned writer and poet Grace Wells recently visited the JCSP library at St Paul’s to get students writing & creating. In the workshop, Grace focused on developing the individual voice or style of each participant, before looking at the techniques that underpin poetry & stories. Grace called on students to use their full senses when writing to create pieces that were stimulating & inventive.
Grace Wells

Return of the Mighty Warrior Niall de Búrca!

Master Storyteller, Niall de Búrca returned to the JCSP library at St Paul’s this week to mesmerise and captivate students with a wonderful presentation of legends, stories and folktales. It was a marvellous opportunity to enjoy the art of the storyteller from a renowned practitioner of this art. Niall has a remarkable range of tales — funny, frustrating, lively, sad, ghoulish and downright absurd! Students from Mount Sion CBS were delighted to be invited to see Mr de Búrca perform.
Niall De Burcaresized


The Science Department, in conjunction with Librarian Hilary Cantwell, this week organised a very different experience for the science students when they got a visit from the Reptile Zoo, which is based in Gowran. The School Library was the location for the event, and in keeping with the pre Halloween week that was in it, the students were introduced to some of the scariest animals in existence- these included a twelve foot long Burmeses Python, corn snakes, an Indian scorpion , a tarantula and a vicious snapping turtle. Visiting students from Butlerstown National School were delighted to get the opportunity to attend this fascinating, if not terrifying event! Hilary and The Science Department are busy organising events for Science Week which is coming up after midterm.
Reptile outreach
Reptile Zoo Sept 2011 180

An Seó Bóthair (Irish roadshow)

Maidin Dé Céadaoin, bhí “An Seó Bóthair don Ghaeilge” beo agus ag ciceáil sa scoil. D’fhreastail grúpa ón séú is an cúigiú bliain air, is d’éirigh go geal leis. Bhuaigh daltaí Naomh Pól duaiseanna iontacha agus fuair muid ‘Gaelchárta’ an duine agus greamáin as Gaeilge. Bhí an chraic ar fheabhas!!!!! Rinne muid díospóireacht ghluaiste agus muid ag plé ceisteanna faoin nGaeilge. D’aontaigh muid uilig go bhfuil an Ghaeilge tábhachtach cé go mbíonn muid ag gearán fúithi go minic! Ba mhaith linn buíochas a ghlacadh le hAodhán agus Aoibh as ucht a gcuid oibre. Is leatsa an Ghaeilge! Labhair í! 🙂

JCSP Library Visiting Mathemagcian!

Caolann McBride a magician from Belfast visited St. Paul’s and gave a magic show which was highly visual, fast paced and energetic and of course educational. There were plenty of opportunities for all the students to get involved with his maths and magic show.