LC Students – July 2020

Access Calculated Grades Student Portal

The Calculated Grades Student Portal is now open.

The portal will remain open until 4 p.m. Monday, July 27th.

To opt to receive calculated grades, please follow the link below.

When you registered on the Calculated Grades Student Portal in May, and confirmed your subject levels we indicated that the portal would reopen at a later stage when you would be asked to opt-in to receive Calculated Grades. The Portal is now open for that purpose.

How to opt in to receive Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate 2020 – key points:

The Calculated Grades Student Portal is now open.

Students have until 4pm on Monday 27 July to opt to receive Calculated Grades

  • students following the Established Leaving Certificate programme opt in on a subject by subject basis.
  • students following the Leaving Certificated Applied Programme (Year 1 and Year 2) –opt in to receive your award in the full LCA programme and not for individual subjects, modules or tasks

You will receive your Calculated Grades results on 7 September. This provides you with the opportunity to progress either to employment or further studies within the 2020/2021 academic year.

All students will have the option to sit the Leaving Certificate examinations when it is safe and practicable to hold them.

If you are not satisfied with the Calculated Grade you receive in one or more of your subjects, then there is an appeals process. You will also have the option to sit the later examinations.

All students should take the opportunity to opt-in, even if you think you might not be eligible to receive Calculated Grades (e.g. you are an out of school learner or you are studying a subject outside of school). The Calculated Grades Executive Office has not yet issued decisions in these cases so it is still essential that you complete the opt-in process.

Calculated Grades have the same status as the Leaving Certificate results awarded to students in previous years. There is no downside to opting in to receive a Calculated Grade.