New iSchool App

St. Paul’s has launched its i-school App for Smartphone, Tablet and iPad. Parents of students in the school are encouraged to download the App from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play Store (Android/Tablet) by searching for “St. Pauls Community College” in the store. The App is free to download and enables parents to send free messages to the school and inform the school when their child is absent. The App also has other information including a welcome from our Principal, Ms Reilly, the school calendar, information on evening study, gallery of school photos, school policies and a virtual tour of St. Paul’s. The App also lets the school send messages to all parents who have downloaded the App about school events and will replace our current text messaging service which will be discontinued shortly. Therefore in order that all parents continue to receive texts families are asked to download the App to their smartphone. Parents who have any problems doing this are offered support by texting or ringing Mr Lohan at 085-2237323 or the school office at (051) 355816.