Ms Tara Daniels

I started off boxing around February 2013 and it was honestly one of the best decisions off my life. I had to beg Tara to do it with me because I was terrified to go in on my own, for the first time in case anyone made fun of me because I wasn’t good enough or anything like that.

Starting off and having the courage to keep going must have been part of it all because I was so unfit, but Seamus kept motivating us to keep going no matter how tired we were or how bad we wanted to quit.

Recently not too long ago Tara and I got free boxing gloves, ropes and wraps which we were so grateful for because usually nothing in life is free. Also I was boxing in Wexford leagues last Sunday, it was only a spar with two other girls they were quite bigger than me but I tried my best and I felt like I learnt a lot. Because of boxing I’ve quit smoking, lost weight, built up my confidence and made some new friends. I hope to keep it up for many years, get fitter and stronger and hopefully win a few fights later on in the future.