Mobile Phone Policy

This document states the policy of St. Paul’s Community College concerning the possession and operation of mobile phones in the school during the school day.

To avoid disruption in class and because of the possible harmful effect, pupils are strongly encouraged not to bring mobile phones to school. If however parents feel it absolutely necessary that their child does have a mobile phone in his/her possession the following rules must be adhered to:

1. The mobile phone must be powered off and kept out of sight during the school day.

2. The mobile phone must not be used on the school premises.

3. The school authorities accept no responsibility for the safety or security of a mobile phone. The loss or damage of a phone is the responsibility of its owner.

4. The department of Education and Science does not recognise mobile phones as appropriate for use as calculators or clocks. St. Paul’s Community College embraces this Department policy and so mobile phones should not be produced by students using this as a pretext.

If the phone is visible or rings on the school premises the phone, including SIM card, will be confiscated.

The phone, including SIM card, will be confiscated if its use has caused any disorder to the running of the school.

A confiscated phone will be given to the Principal, and retained for one week. Parents will be informed by letter.

Repeat breaches of the school’s policy in regard to mobile phones may lead to suspension.