Homework Policy

1. Homework is seen as an integral part of learning. Homework reinforces the learning process.

2. A successful homework policy is based on the understanding that students have the required materials to complete the given task.

3. Students are required to have their school journal with them in every class and to take it home.

4. Parents share the responsibility of monitoring and encouraging the completion of work.

5. An average of one and a half hours per night of quality homework is expected from first year students. The time spent doing homework will increase as the students progress from year to year.

6. Failure to comply with the school homework policy will result in sanctions being applied.

Note: It is important that first year students are made familiar with the homework policy and the importance of the journal. As they are taking up many subjects and have nine classes in the day, homework must be written down. It is essential that students develop good habits with regard to homework from day one in all their subjects.