Home School Community Liaison: St. Paul’s Community College General Information for our First Year Parents 2009 – 2010

Principal: Mrs Anne Curran

Deputy Principal: Mr John Gallagher

First Year Head: Mrs Katherine Bates
Second Year Head: Miss Eithne Ruane
Third Year Head: Mrs Mairead Collins
Fourth Year Head: Mrs Mai O’Keeffe
Fifth Year Head: Ms Nuala Tyers
Sixth Year Head: Ms Ann Kavanagh

Every class in the school has a Tutor.
First Year also have Mentors.

First Year Tutors

1P – Ms Lynda Cusack
1S – Ms Helena O’Connor
1T – Ms Fionnula Brennan

Home School Community Liaison Teacher: Mr. Gerard Lohan

Chaplain: Ms. Lorraine Whelan

Guidance Counsellor: Mr David O’Grady

Counsellor: Sr. Anne Hayes


The Year Head is responsible for the overall discipline of students in their year group, following up on attendance and punctuality, and monitoring the general progress of all students. The Class Tutor is there in a pastoral role, providing one-to-one help and advice to students in their class and addressing any problems the student might be encountering. The Chaplain, Counsellors and Mentors also give support in these areas. The Home School Community Liaison Teacher is a support for parents, offering advice and strengthening the links between the home and the school.


Please ring in advance or on the morning if your son/daughter will be absent from school for any reason. Please give them a note to cover their absence on return to school. Please try to include healthy lunches and limit unhealthy food being brought to school. Encourage your child to be active and take part in sports or other extra-curricular activities.

The school office may be contacted by ringing 051-355816 or e-mailing info@stpaulswaterford.ie

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