DRESS CODE 2012 – 2013

Compulsory School Uniform

Kartel Polo Shirt with crest – Boys and Girls

Round Neck Green Jumper with Crest – Boys and Girls

(An alternative 100% acrylic jumper is available for any student allergic to wool)

Grey School Pants – Boys and Girls

Grey School Skirt & Grey Stockings – Girls

Black Shoes – Boys and Girls

(Polo Shirt, Jumper, Pants/Skirt, Black Shoes)

Compulsory P.E. Uniform for First Year students

P.E. is a compulsory subject for pupils.

Black tracksuit bottom crested, Black V Neck windcheater crested, White Kartel Polo shirt crested.
Non-marking runners.

Towel and shower gel for compulsory shower.

Parents and Guardians should note the following:

The uniform suppliers are:

K Sports, Unit 614, Industrial Park, Waterford. Tel.No.358700
Excel Promotions, Unit 12i, 6 Cross Road Business Park (opposite Brooks) Tel. No. 379606

Due to health and safety reasons the following are not permitted:

• Platform shoes

• Caps, hats and bandanas

• All body studs/rings such as nose, lip, navel, tongue, etc. with the exception of one stud per ear, two finger rings in total, one neck chain. No bracelets, bangles or key ring chains. No make-up allowed for students in First, Second and Third Year.

Implementation of Dress Code

•During classes, pupils must wear the full school uniform. Coats, Jackets etc
must be removed and stored in lockers.

•Uniform will be checked Period 1 and Period 6 each day.

•Students who are in breach of the policy on dress and appearance are in breach of school rules will have privileges withdrawn and will not be allowed to participate in extra curricular activities.

•If your son or daughter is not wearing the full uniform he/she must have a note (to be given to tutor) from you explaining why. A student is allowed to bring in a maximum of three such notes during the course of the school year.

•If a student comes to school a second time without full uniform and does not have a note from parents, a letter will be sent home, and the student will be given a period of detention. Constant breaches of the Dress Code will lead to more serious sanctions i.e. Saturday Detention leading to periods of suspension.

•We appeal for your co-operation in this endeavour of ours to create good order and a happy learning environment for your son/daughter.