CWGC Living Memory Project

Living Memory Project

Thursday 17 November 2016

 On Thursday afternoon last staff, students and parents in St Paul’s Community College held a remembrance service for all World War victims buried in local cemeteries in Waterford City and County. The Ceremony was the culmination of the “Living Memory” project undertaken by a group of students in the school and sponsored by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The students had earlier visited CWGC graves in the local cemetery and identified the men who had died during or after returning from the War. These were deemed to be the “lucky ones” who managed to make it home to their loved ones while the War still raged in Europe. St Pauls paid tribute to those interred or remembered in France during their trip to the Somme last July so it was fitting now to remember those fellow county men whose lives were later claimed through mostly horrific physical and mental injuries sustained in the War. St Paul’s was delighted to welcome Comdt Joe Gleeson from James Stephens Barracks Kilkenny who attended the ceremony as guest of honour. Comndt Gleeson spoke and laid a wreath in honour of the brave Fallen during the ceremony in our JCSP school library. Ms Reilly school Principal emphasised the importance of the remembrance service and that it would impress upon our students that such horrific wars had occurred over the past 100 years and that such catastrophic wars should never happen again. There was an opportunity to remember and reflect while the Last Post was sounded at the end of the ceremony as the Assembly stood to attention in final memory of those we honour in our local cemeteries and who take pride of place in our Living Memory project. Ar dheis De go  raibh siad.

You can watch a recording of the ceremony at the following link:

Order of Business (read by Mr Lohan)

Good Afternoon.

We are here this afternoon in solemn memory of the 48 WW victims interred in our local cemeteries in Waterford City and Waterford County as part of our “Living Memory” Project under the auspices of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

 As a school community we have already commemorated the deaths of our fellow Irish men and women in WW1, who never made it home, during our visit to the Somme last July. It is fitting today that we commemorate those who made it home after or during the War but who subsequently died of their wounds, both physical and mental, in the years after and are buried in our local cemeteries.

After a brief welcome from our Student Council we will watch a short video to set the scene of what we are about today. Then Ms Reilly our school Principal will deliver an address to the assembly followed by Comndt Joe Gleeson    from James Stephens Barracks Kilkenny.

Three students will then pay tribute to the memory of the Fallen. Mimi will call out the names of those interred in St Otterans Cemetery Waterford as representatives of all those buried in all the cemeteries. Ian will read verses from “For the Fallen” by Robert Laurence Binyon written in 1914 at the start of the Great War and Sean will deliver a short reflection to help us reflect and appreciate the enormity of the loss suffered in the War. Four Student Council members will then offer up our intentions appropriate to today’s Commemoration.

The Student Council will then light 4 candles – these will represent relatives of the whole school community lost in war, all Irish men and women lost in WW1, all soldiers lost in all the Wars and finally one for all Irish soldiers currently involved in peace keeping duties at home and abroad in the hope that no more catastrophic wars will ever happen again. 

Finally Comndt. Gleeson Will lay a wreath in Living Memory of those local soldiers who lost their lives in WW1.

The Assembly will stand to attention as the Last Post is sounded as recorded at the Mennen Gate in 2008.

Thank You.

Photo Gallery

Below are some photos from the ceremony. The students involved in the Living Memory Project included Peter Noak , Daniel Fagan, Shauna Bolger, Mario Nagy, Dylan Mortell, Stephen Curran, Graham Drohan, Clodagh Ryan and Omaya Zarrar.

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