Up and Coming Events

The Bin It! People Monday 14th October

The Bin It! People will be back in St. Paul’s Monday 14th October to tell us how to get rid of our chewing gum responsibly. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you got STUCK in the library!!LEARN MORE @

Student Council Elections the week of October 21 -25

Make a difference in St. Paul’s ,RUN FOR OFFICE. Watch this space for more information on upcoming Student Elections. Polling day to be announced.

The Graffiti Theatre Company Monday November 11th

I am not going to tell you about the production but there will be plenty to think about after they have gone!! It will change your life……

Reptile Village Wednesday November 13th

Ever wondered what a snake really feels like? Or how much an alligator eats? These questions and more will be answered on Wednesday November 13th – Reptile Village in the library as part of Science Week