Code of Behaviour

Admission of students into St. Paul’s Community College is dependent on their adherence to and acceptance of this Code of Behaviour. Please enquire at the school Reception about acquiring a printed form of this Policy which contains a Summary Chart of the discipline procedures outlined in the Policy below.

The Admissions Policy to St. Paul’s Community College demands that this Code of Behaviour be signed before a place can be offered to any student seeking admission to St. Paul’s Community College.

Mission Statement

St Paul’s Community College is a non-denominational, co-educational school. The school exists to provide a centre of learning which is challenging, equitable and broad-based. The school encourages each student to realise their potential in full and to attain the necessary skills, attributes and behaviours. The school promotes, through its various activities, an atmosphere where there is a genuine awareness of human dignity and which allows its students to develop as people and to become confident and productive members of society.

The Purpose of this Document

This document has been prepared by the Board of Management of St Paul’s Community College in collaboration with the Parents Teachers and Students of St. Paul’s Community College and takes due cognizance of the Education Act 1998 the Education Act 2000, and circular M33/91 from Department of Education and Science. Its purpose is to outline the roles and responsibilities of The Board of Management, teachers, parents and students of St. Paul’s Community College in relation to maintaining an environment in the school that is conducive to and supportive of teaching and learning and that allows the experience of school to be enjoyed by all.

The management and staff of St. Paul’s Community College are happy to acknowledge the pride it takes from our student body the vast majority of whom are courteous and well behaved and who contribute positively to the school by their presence in St. Paul’s.


• To create an environment that is safe, ordered happy and promotes the educational aims of the school

• To engender respect for and courtesy for all.

• To ensure that all members of the school community are treated fairly and equitably.

• To enable the students to develop an enhanced sense of personal responsibility

• To establish the standards of behaviour to be observed by each student attending the school.

• To eliminate all forms of bullying

• To foster a proper understanding and practice of rules of safety, etiquette, health, courtesy, good conduct and acceptable social behaviour.

• To establish the measures to be taken when a student fails or refuses to observe those standards.

Responsibilities of the student

The primary responsibility for behaviour and adherence to good practice in relation to study, homework and classroom interaction rests with the student. All of the students in St. Paul’s Community College are expected to respect the rights of their teachers, college staff, fellow students and visitors to the school and to treat all of the people associated with the school with courtesy and consideration. Where there are incidents of misbehaviour, it will be pointed out that it is the behaviour, rather than the student that attraction, therefore students will be made aware of the reason(s) for each sanction.



•To show respect to all staff, fellow students and all visitors to the school

•Respect the school’s property and the property of others

•To be respectful and courteous to any members of staff they may meet outside of school hours.


•Allow the teacher to teach and fellow students to be taught
•Do all of the work assigned to them to the highest standard possible
•Be fully prepared for class
•A student must have the school journal in his/her possession at all times during the school day.


•Attend regularly and punctually in accordance with the school’s Attendance Policy

•To move without delay from class to class, in good order and in the appropriate direction.

•Attend all of their scheduled classes during the course of the school day.
•Remain in school during their scheduled school time unless given permission by a Class Tutor, Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal to leave. Book must be signed in and out at reception.


•Comply with the school’s Uniform and Dress Code.


•Comply with the school’s mobile phone policy.
•Electronic Musical devices can only be used at official break times.
•Comply with the IT policy.


•Obey the safety rules and class rules as specified
•Behave in an appropriate and respectful manner on school outings. Students on school tours and outings are bound by the Code of Behaviour.
•Refrain from bullying or fighting in school, going to or coming from school or while in school uniform.
•Comply with the school’s Substance Abuse Policy
•Refrain from bringing to school any dangerous implements
Failure to comply with the above will be dealt with according to the school’s disciplinary procedures.



In conjunction with this code the school also operates a merit system. Each student begins the week with a maximum of fifty merits and the aim of this system is to maintain the fifty merits throughout the week students who attain a high standard in this system are given rewards every four to eight weeks


Demerits are given for the following reasons:
•(L) Arriving late at a class
•(B) Poor behaviour in class
•(E) Some equipment for the class missing
•(H) No homework
•(C) Poor behaviour on the corridors

The demerits are recorded in a section at the back of the student diary, and totalled on a weekly basis by the tutor. A signature of a parent/guardian is essential on a weekly basis, to help monitor student progress. Failure to get the diary signed will result in a loss of merits to the student.


This schedule of sanctions aims to support the provision of education to each student of St. Paul’s Community College in an environment that is free of disruption that is safe and allows teaching and learning to proceed in an orderly manner. Teacher will keep a written record of all instances of misbehaviour and a record of action taken will also be kept.

The Principal and Board of Management reserve the right to interpret the code of behaviour. The code of behaviour is reviewed regularly by the Principal in conjunction with the staff and the Board of Management.


In the event of the Principals decision to suspend a student the parents/ guardians will be informed by post and may be invited to come to the school for a meeting. If the suspension is to be immediate (the circumstances of which will be the decision of the school management) parents /guardians may be informed by phone with written follow up.


Expulsion is the ultimate sanction imposed by the school and is only employed in extreme cases of indiscipline, gross misconduct or repeated breaches of the Code of Behaviour. A decision by the Principal to recommend to the Board of Management the expulsion of a student will occur only when such is the serious nature of an incident or incidents or occasion(s) of misconduct that the Principal deems that the only course available to her is a recommendation to the Board of Management for the expulsion of the student.

A decision by the Principal to recommend to the Board of Management the expulsion of a student will only occur when the following procedures have been carried out:
1.The school management are satisfied that all other sanctions have been exhausted, and/or all other solutions deemed reasonable by the Principal have been explored and found unsatisfactory.
2.When the parents /guardian have been informed of the Principals intention to recommend expulsion
3.When the parents/guardians are provided with a full written description of the allegation(s) against the student and the case being made to the Board of Management

A decision made to the Board of Management to suspend or expel a student may be appealed under section 29 of the Education Act 1998. If a parent/guardian of a student who is subject to suspension or expulsion wishes to appeal, it must be done in writing as required by section 29 of the Education Act 1998.


I hereby acknowledge that I have read the Code of Behaviour outlined above and that I am aware of and accept the Discipline Procedures outlined therein. I further understand admission to St. Paul’s Community College is conditional upon the acceptance of and adherence to this code. (This to be signed).