Homework Club
Homework Club takes place every Monday to Thursday from 3.45-5pm in the school library. Students in Homework Club get to do their homework in a relaxed and quiet environment with help available from Hilary, Jennifer and Sinéad. When students have completed their homework they have an opportunity to avail of the library facilities such as computers, internet, games and much more.
Film Club
Film Club happens every Monday and Thursday lunchtime in the school Library under the watchful eye of Gary Kenneally of Kenneally Films. Participants gain an awareness of the power of film through practical hands-on experience. They gain technical knowledge of basic digital filmmaking, equipment and editing software. Digital cameras, camcorder fizzbooks, scanner and mobile phones etc.. are used to plan and shoot our own short films!
Lunchtime film club-001
Darts Club
Come along and join Mr Williams in a game of Singles or Doubles at the library every Tuesday and Friday lunchtime . The game always starts and ends with a handshake, and you will need to keep track of scores. (Recording scores is easy but does require the ability to multiply, add and subtract!!!!) We are proud to list Dean Finn-Forde,an accomplished Darts Player as one of our members. Dean has qualified for the Under 21s World Darts Championship in Barnsley and has a long list of successes. He won the All Ireland in 2011 and 2012. He won the Irish Players Championship in 2012. Under 21s All Ireland in Clonmel in 2012. James Webb Memorial in Ryans Bar 2012. Player of the Year in Men’s 2012. Ranked No. 1 in Irish Players Championship. Ranked No. 1 in Irish Darts Championships. Irish Masters in Cork 2011. We wish Dean every success in the future.
Girls Club
Brenda and Katherine from Waterford School Completion run a regular girls only club every Wednesday in the library. A wide range of fun activities and arts and crafts are organised, there is always something to take home! All (female!) students are welcome to attend.