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Child Protection Update

Notification regarding the Board of Management’s review of the Child Safeguarding Statement

The Board of Management of St. Paul’s Community College wishes to inform you that:

-The Board of Management’s annual review of the school’s Child Safeguarding Statement was completed at the Board meeting of 21/01/2020.

-This review was conducted in accordance with the ‘Checklist for Review of the Child Safeguarding Statement’ published on the Department’s website

Links to the Safeguarding Statement, Risk Assessment and Notification can be found  on our website, following the ‘About Us’ and ‘Child Protection’ link.

Thank you

A chairde,
As today is my final day in St. Paul’s Community College and I close this chapter in my career, I just want to say how proud I was to attend the Debs last night and to witness how well our students represented themselves, their families and the school and how they expressed their gratitude for what they deemed a very positive educational experience.
A huge thanks to Ms. Hennessey, Ms. O Leary and Mr. Connors for organising the event and all the very committed staff who celebrated with the students on the night.
A great way to celebrate the high standards of results achieved by students on Tuesday.
Finally I want to express my gratitude to all for their support to me in my role as Principal, I am extremely proud of what we achieved over the past 6 years.
I wish your new Principal Ms. McDonald, Deputy Principal Ms. Murphy all staff and students the very best for the future.
Le gach dea ghui,